NO to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Ashland Avenue
YES to Modernizing & Expanding the Ashland Bus for the First Time in Chicago History
We are Chicago residents, churches, businesses, schools and neighborhood agencies dedicated to better
CTA bus service, less citywide traffic congestion and new development and jobs.

Respectfully, we oppose CTA’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plan for Ashland Avenue.
Instead, we offer an alternate approach to modernizing the Ashland bus.

We ask Chicagoans to join us and contact your elected officials immediately.  Thank you.
Our Coalition is residents, schools, churches, businesses, social service agencies and neighborhood groups
who want better CTA buses on Ashland Avenue, Western Avenue and beyond.

Respectfully, we oppose CTA’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) plan for Ashland Avenue.
Instead, we want to modernize and expand Ashland bus service for the first time in Chicago history.

• Contact and write your Alderman, Congressman and the Mayor
• Sign our petition to the Mayor and ask others to sign
• Distribute our flyers, posters and statement
• Attend our meetings

Thank you for supporting the Ashland-Western Coalition.
Contact us at

Ashland Bus Service is Critical to Local Commercial Real Estate

Small business owners have a great deal to digest in regards to the issue of commercial real estate--particularly today. That goes double for the view of getting an assessment on an item of commercial property, an activity which may differ a lot from assessments done for residential properties. Commercial is quite distinctive from residential in the fact assessments are not far more objective in nature. The underlying asset is not unimportant, although not even close to exactly the same manner that assets are valued by a residential properties.

To put it differently, in the event you are wanting to get an assessment done on an item of commercial property - maybe as you need to purchase or sell it or even since you need to confirm a value of a rental or file a property tax appeal--there may be a small learning curve in being aware of that which you are going to embark on. What follows is an inventory of the best 10 things you should learn about commercial property assessments:

1. The Customer Is the Party That Purchases the Assessment

The financial institution is the customer in the event the assessment is for funding. Appraisers are obligated to preserve client confidentiality, so the appraiser cannot release the evaluation report or another confidential information for you if you're the borrower or another party. In the event that you so are fearful that the appraised value may be greater compared to evaluated value and purchase an evaluation within a property tax appeal, you may rest assured that the results won't be released by the appraiser without your permission to the property tax board.

2.Identify the Planned Users

Make sure that the appraiser understands who you would like to make use of the report. Parties or these individuals will likely be recognized in the evaluation report and are the sole ones that are authorized to make use of the report.

3. You'll Find There Are Only Three Kinds of Interface

Fees can change on the basis of the extent of the assessment in addition to how big the house, however an excellent starting point to get a limited report might be $2000 to $2,500. A "self contained report" includes all the information on the data and evaluation, but is seldom requested. They is able to show you as to which kind of report you'll need should you inform the appraiser the manner in which you would like to make use of the report.

4. The Kind of Report Is Different in The Extent of Work

The quantity of work associated with reaching decisions will not rely on the kind of assessment. Using outline assessment or a limited use, the appraiser will compile huge amounts of info which can be kept in a work file but will not be contained in the report. Because of this, the differences in fees between the numerous kinds of reports are much less in relation to the quantity of information within the reports might suggest.

5. The Review Is a Tiny Portion of the Evaluation Procedure

With regards to intricacy as well as the size of the home to be appraised, it may take less than one hour to a number of hours to inspect the house. The fact remains it is only first although some customers perceive this as the whole procedure. Appraisers inquire demographic and lifestyle tips, research public possession and zoning records, and compile replacement costs similar deal, and leases. These records is then analyzed by them as it is related to the worth of the home. The review is only the start of an evaluation procedure which will take several days as well as weeks.

6. Do not Withhold Info

You'll most likely be requested when you can give some drawings of the home, a property tax statement, income statements, as well as other matters. The best commercial real estate appraisers in Chicago, IL will be very thorough with regard to the amount of information they request from you about the property. You may not understand you are being asked by an appraiser but it's best to supply whatever you can. Should the appraisers worth views are later disputed by you and generate added info that has been not supplied from the beginning, you've wasted precious time.

7. Commercial Real Estate Appraisers Must Conform of Ethics

It's likely due to the duty to conform to these ethos, when a commercial property appraiser refuses to make a move which you ask for. Commercial appraisers must follow the rules of USPAP when appraising commercial property.

8. The best way to Buy Commercial Real Estate in Long Island, New York - first hire a Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

To put it differently, you just need to be aware of the worth of the property and the building. This is why it's so important to hire one of the many qualified Suffolk commercial real estate appraisers on Long Island in New York. On the flip side, in the event you would like to learn exactly what a property may be worth to your landlord when inhabited with a specific tenant or tenants, you would like a "leased fee interest." Eventually, in case you would like to learn exactly what a lease may be worth to your renter, you would like a "leasehold interest." Make sure you recognize interest you need appraised.

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